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We support Mongolian businesses and professionals by helping them find higher-paying jobs, customers, projects, and opportunities.



Over the past 10 years, Mongolia's IT sector has steadily grown each year. Through our government's current emphasis on, "transitioning into a Digital Nation" Mongolia's largely young population harbors great talent, and thinkers, who have the will to succeed in the global IT industry. In accordance with our focus on the IT sector, we have developed and maintain relationships with several, acclaimed public universities and private firms.



Every country has their own unique aesthetic focuses and qualities. Whether it be, Interior Design, Graphic Design, or Fashion Design, Mongolia's aesthetic tastes and outlook of the youth are heavily rooted in American culture and aesthetics. With the exponential growth in Mongolia's design industry, there are thousands of Designers who have the necessary abilities, and cultural awareness to be of value to individuals and firms all over the world.



Since the 13th century, Artisans and creators have filled the ranks of Mongolia's nobility. Even during the Soviet-era, Mongolians maintained and preserved their love of the arts and creativity. Today, there are tens of thousands of college-educated career artists who have exceptional talents. We aim to create an environment where creatives can thrive, and have access to better career-development opportunities and exposure to global markets around the world.

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