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The Mongolian-American Community

Our agency aims to strengthen and empower the Mongolian American community and any Mongolian citizens living in the United States. We seek to provide valuable information, opportunities and services to the 40,000+ strong, community of Mongolians living in the US.

Our Head of International Operations, Mr. Tulgaa, gives talks to middle schools students during our Annual Mongolian School Visitation Trip in 2021, Washington DC

Current Initiatives in our communities.

Our mission

We aim to build and create open lines of communication between the different Mongolian NGOs and business entities that operate within the United States, and the communities that they serve.


We hope to create a unified front within the United States, that will inhibit the foreign policies of both the US and Mongolian governments, the hopes and dreams of Mongolian immigrants and first-generation Mongolian Americans by supporting the cultural, academic, and economical developments between our two great nations.


The 5th President of Mongolia, Kh. Battulga and the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, July 31st, 2019, Washington DC

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