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We have pioneered and developed Mongolia's National H2B Program to accommodate over 300 participants annually. Our program has provided millions of USD to countless families and is implemented in accordance with

US-Mongolian bilateral relations to promote diversity and legal pathways for work in the United States.

We currently provide referrals/recruitment support through a strong social presence, and relations with vocational schools and associations in the:




Construction &

Meat Industries

How we make it easier for you.

We emphasize 6 key advantages and focuses for our recruitment efforts.

  • We give special attention to our screening process to ensure top-quality workers to represent Mongolia. Through a strong domestic framework in accordance with the Mongolian government, workers are screened and processed with top priority.

  • More in-depth applicant profiles & interview facilitation introductory videos and in-depth character assessments/reviews can be prepared if requested.

  • Lower costs for airfare and travel we implement our H2B transfer program (attached in resources) so Winter season employers usually pay for 50% of travel costs. You can expect to pay around $500-$600 in reimbursements

  • 24/7 Management Support

  • VISA Appointments & Processing there will be no COVID restrictions/lockdowns in Ulaanbaatar this year and we can request VISA slots from the US Consulate as soon as paperwork is finalized.

  • Emphasis on Other Crucial Skills/Traits such as being able to drive, cleanliness, being organized, respectfulness, strong character, and a no-tolerance attitude towards drug/alcohol abuse is prioritized to participate in our program.

Contact us for access to our focused applicant databases.

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